Elin Gets Creative with Knitting

Many of you know Elin as our Operations Coordinator and are used to hearing her helpful voice on the phone as you register for programs. Elin also comes to a week of Camp Common Ground every summer with her children, Cassie and Takumi. While at Camp she can be often be spotted knitting on the porch....

As most of you probably already know, I love to knit. And, of course, nothing is better than knitting at camp. I took a little time to think about why camp is the perfect place to knit and I think it is because camp for me symbolizes the three things that I love most about knitting.

1. Community
2. Relaxation
3. Creativity

Community - I love to show other people what I'm knitting and I love to see what other people are knitting. I love learning from other knitters - like learning the knitting poem from Lori B (In through the front door, once around the back, peak through the window, and off pops Jack.). This poem helped my daughter and a whole class of Bristol Elementary School students learn how to knit. I love to see other people's projects like Melynda's Surprise Sweater - something I've always thought about knitting but have never gotten too - or Lupe's socks - socks are something I'd sworn never to knit again but now I'm rethinking it.
Relaxation - For me knitting is relaxing - it's an excuse to sit down and put off the thousands of other things that I should be doing. It's exactly what I want to be doing at camp - sitting on the porch listening to Liz, Alice, and Sam (and whoever else they have gathered) sing, sitting in the workshop watching people's ideas coalesce as they create beautiful tiles, sitting on the screen porch with Joan P talking about education and watching our daughters climb all over the playground. Sitting and knitting, surrounded by music and conversation - what could be better?
Creativity - Part of knitting is thinking about colors and designs and new ideas. Camp is the most creative place I know. There is always somebody working on something beautiful. Marc working on a fantastic marble, Talor creating an amazing drum, Lori arranging a gorgeous fruit platter, it just goes on and on. When I'm at camp, I feel empowered by the beauty around me. I get more ideas and reenergized for the rest of the year.
So, what it on the knitting front at the moment?  I'm currently working on a larger version of my "Red Thread Sweater" for Cassie. For those of you who don't know, there is a saying in China that girls are born with an invisible red thread which leads from them to their future family (this means in-laws in China, but has taken on another meaning in the adoption community). This concept is part of the Chinese character yuan (緣), which means “the fate that brings people together.” This idea led me to create this sweater, which will have a red thread leading from Yongzhou, Hunan to Bristol, Vermont.  
I'm also working on a big Celtic cable sweater with some beautiful yarn that is exactly the same color as the yarn that Sandra used with Lost Arts last year.
My planning stage project is another double knit/reversible scarf. I think it will have some sort of curvy circle knot design that repeats. I need a complicated project on small needles to last me through our trip to China and Japan in March.

Hope this made you to think a little about what why camp inspires you. I can’t wait to see what people have been working on through the winter at camp this summer!