Capturing Camp: A CGC Photo Contest

In case you missed this in the February e-newsletter, we're hosting a CGC photo contest. Here's the scoop: In the doldrums of winter we can't help but fantasize about summer. . . About swimming in the pond, lying in a hammock, fresh veggies, green trees, green grass, heck, green anything. We thought that you might be having similar daydreams, so why not give you an excuse to look through your summer photos?

This winter we are hosting a CGC photo contest! The winners will receive their very own Common Ground Center calendar along with personal pride - the winning photos (and some runners up) will be featured on our blog as well as our Facebook page and in a few other locations.

There are five categories (listed below) and all are open to interpretation. Feel free to enter as many photos as you like in any category, as long as they were taken at Common Ground Center.  

To enter, please email your photos to Susanna at susanna [at] along with the category you are entering the photo in, a date, and a caption by February 15, 2011. Keep in mind that once you send the photos to us, we reserve the right to use them (as in our blog, website, Facebook page, etc).

We can't wait to see them!

2011 Photo Contest Categories:

1. Water!

2. The Happiest Camper

3. Your Moment of Zen

4. Beauty and the Natural Environment

5. Activities