Charlie Cunningham Returns to the Camp Common Ground Kitchen

While wandering around the University of Vermont campus yesterday, Carole and Jim came across a poster titled “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate.” They stopped for a moment and causally read down the list. Guess what the 12th most important thing to do before you graduate is? “Eat one of Charlie’s famous falafels!” And who is Charlie? None other than Common Ground’s very own Charlie Cunningham!

We thought we’d take this opportunity to announce that Charlie will be joining us in the Camp Common Ground kitchen once again this summer. Charlie has been spotted around our own campus during various programs and weddings since 2007, but he hasn’t been cooking at Camp Common Ground in a few years.

Food is so important to all of us here on staff. When Peg and Jim started Camp in 1994, serving delicious, whole, organic, local, and delicious foods was a top priority and – even though Camp Common Ground has changed and grown over the years – our goal to serve great, mostly local and organic foods hasn’t changed. We all know that the food you eat on vacation can sometimes define whether it was a good trip or a great trip. So, please join us at Camp and see if Charlie’s falafels make your list of “101 Things to Eat This Summer.”

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