Countdown to Camp: Week of August 13

August in Vermont is truly a magical time. The sounds of summer are at their height; berries, veggies, and more are coming to fruition faster than you can eat them; the days can be hot, but the creek and the pond are running cool and clear. We hope that families joining us for this last week of Camp Common Ground will seize the opportunity to unwind, soak up some mountain air, and simply be despite the fact that there is a talented roster of folks on staff.

Jackie Mangione, acclaimed Vermont artist, will be taking time away from her packed summer schedule of art shows and farmers markets to share her talents with kids and adults alike. She’ll be offering a special program called “The Art Shack.” This is a space where you can come and unleash your inner artist. Read more about it here. Also, be sure to check out Jackie’s website. She has some gorgeous paintings on view there.

Also in adults programs, Sequana Skye, our resident nurse and film guru, will be offering a film series in the mornings. Come relax, watch a film, and get ready to discuss. Are film discussions and the art shack a little too right brain for you? Well, Francis Goodman will be with us again this summer helping to build our very own telescope. Learn more about it when you get to Camp. 

While some of you may be unleashing your inner artist and scientist, others can unleash their inner musician with Martha Siegel. Martha, a Camp Common Ground founder, will be back teaching all ages how to play the violin and cello. If you’re interested, don’t forget to fill out her questionnaire that came in your camper packet and send it back to her. There are extra copies of all the forms here. She works her magic on any level, even beginners, so don’t be shy!

OK, so we have inner artist, inner musician....What about bringing out the inner kid in you? We here time and time again that one of people’s favorite things about family camp is that parents get to join in on all the fun stuff their kids are doing, rather than just sending them away to summer camp. Well, this week is your chance to let loose. Kim Dunkley will be doing circus arts with adults in the mornings. She is talented gymnast and a patient instructor. Join her for cartwheels, juggling, ribbon dancing acrobatics, and more. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional (and perhaps a little kinder to your back), wander over to the field by the garden for archery with Tyler Balistrieri. Practice that perfect bull’s eye and relive a little bit of your own summer camp experience. Tennis isn’t exactly a “kid” thing, but with Peter Hansen on the court you’re sure to feel loved and nurtured. His passion for tennis is infectious and his gentle ways of teaching may give you a moment of Zen.

Last, but not least, Courtney Reckord will be leading yoga before breakfast. Yoga at Camp is unlike yoga at home...From our Hay Barn you can hear the creek babbling and the birds chirping, no CD necessary! So relax, enjoy, and simply be.