Who's Who at Common Ground: Calia Marshall

This post is the first in a series highlighting Common Ground Center community members--many of whom you can get to know better at family camp! Carole Blane recently had the opportunity to catch up with the busy-bee Calia Marshall. Enjoy!

Calia (formerly Nicki) Marshall grew up at Camp Common Ground. Today we all love her dance classes and yoga, and she is a favorite of our teen contingent. Often I forget life outside of Starksboro while I am at Camp so am amazed to meet up with folks in New York, Boston, Maryland and learn what they do otherwise.

In Brooklyn, where Calia lives, she is also totally immersed in dance, yoga and spreading the good vibe! Her "real job" is teaching dance in the public schools for the National Dance Institute. She has 1st and 4th graders this year and the theme and focus is “New Orleans.” She puts together two shows a year in each school that she teaches in. Lots of kids, lots of fun and lots of work!

Calia takes part in a myriad of other activities in her spare time. She has been a member of an acrobatic dance troupe call Lava for about three years. The troupe has a show coming up in June at BAM Harvey Theater. Calia wears a second hat with Lava as co-director of their all girls dance company for 8 -14 year olds called Magma (how precious!).  

In addition to the acrobatic style of Lava, Calia practices a more modern style with Cora Dance. Calia has been with Cora for the last 5 years and has upcoming shows at the end of February and early March. Watch Calia dance here

And that’s not all! She teaches yoga once a week in Brooklyn, adding in live music to her class at Shambala Yoga. She is thrilled to announce that she is leading her first yoga retreat in Costa Rica in February! If you live in the NY area or are planning a visit, go see her!

Last but not least is her lovely group Kirtan Soul Revival, which combines spirituality, music, and rhythm in a style that defies categorization! We had the privilege and honor of having the one-of-a-kind group at camp in summer 2012, and we were enthralled. I’ve seen them several times in New York and they are touring the Northeast regularly, even with a concert at Kripalu this spring. Listen to one of their favorites from their recent trip to Vermont here: “I Release”.

When I asked Calia what she did to stay in shape, she confessed she rarely has time for dance classes but does attend a handstanding class(!) and with all of the rehearsals and teaching that she does she is moving all the time. When asked, “Calia, how do you do it all?” she replies, “I'm just trying to keep all the balls in the air with grace!” And oh, does she do that so beautifully!

Come meet the boundless, energetic and loving Calia this summer! Find out more about www.caliamarshall.com.