A Montrealer’s “Ode to Camp Common Ground”

We had a lot of great poems and stories come out of camp this year...here's one of our favorites!

A Montrealer’s “Ode to Camp Common Ground”

By Suzy Hanna, August 2013

‘Twas the day before vacation
And our family couldn’t wait
To cross that Canadian border
And enter Vermont state!

Sandals and swimsuits were packed
In our suitcases
Camp Common Ground sure is
One of our special places!

It’s almost time,
we’re gonna have fun
Campfire sing-a-longs and s’mores
Woo-hoo, here we come!

The staff was crazy busy
Preparing for Week Two
Checking their lists twice,
Oh, there was so much to do!

The Kidville Crew was getting ready
To play silly games and slippery slides
Arts & Crafts, floating boats
And lots and lots of piggy-back rides!

Charlie’s Rockin’ Angels
Prepping in the kitchen
To bring us a fabulous feast
of scrumptious-delicious fixin’s!

Lori and her crew baking muffins
Up since the crack of dawn,
Whilst Peg was tapping at her keyboard
Composing the “Morning Yawn”!

Soon David will be making giant bubbles
Using his secret recipe suds,
And Zephyr’s roaring campfires
Will help keep away the bugs!

There will be rhythm and harmony
Lots of soulful singing and strumming,
Rod, Emma, Hana, Calia & friends,
Will all have you humming!

Marc burning propane torches
To create swirls of colourful glass
Melynda, Grace and Jackie
Mixing vibrant paints for their Art class!

Tyler focusing on the bulls-eye,
He’s the resident Robin Hood.
And, if you ever need something fixed,
Just call-out for “Francis the Good”!

Peter in tennis whites
Is there to teach and train
Grab a racket and some balls
For a nice friendly game!

Connor is busy strategizing
For the upcoming Quidditch match,
Rachel the good-witch-rule-keeper
knows that the Snitch is hard to catch!

Yoga before breakfast, if you rise early
Chanting and stretching is good for your groove.
Or you may gently wake to the sound
Of our cheerful camp singers on the move!

Kim was out marking new trails
For her nature walks,
Jim scouting new locations
For his “Men’s Group” talks.

Carole and Neily are your
Their mission is quite simple,
It’s all about good ole Family Fun!

Lilly behind her camera,
quietly taking pics
Capturing those precious Kodak moments
Say cheese and smile!
Clic! Clic! Clic!

Ready to fix your boo-boos and scrapes
Wellness Center Carrie is always about
She’ll wipe those tears and put a smile on your face
Clearly she once was a perfect Girl Scout!

We can meet by the pond for a dip
If you want to cool off or just rest,
Justin and Cat the trained lifeguards
Will let you swim deep, if you pass their swimming test!

There may be games to play
With teams of young and old
That will have you chasing
Hill Billy Outlaws for their gold!

And let’s not forget all the wonderful Camper Samplers
Alma, Harry, Lisa, John & Esme, to name a few
There really is always something
for everyone to do!

Now I may not have mentioned some staffers
‘cause I was out busy doing so much stuff.
Veronica, David, Chris, Melissa, Audrey, Eve, Christine, Wendy, Aron, Naomi, Pat & Cody, please forgive me
Finding words that all rhyme can sometimes be tough

Oh yes, one more thing, before I end this story
A huge Thank You to Peg & Jim
For giving us Camp Common Ground
And all of its natural glory