Our daughter MollyRose had one of those long college weekends off, the kind that make you wonder why the short academic year costs so much. But whatever, she had time to visit her brother Jake to see how he was faring out at Slide Ranch, and we tagged along.

At Common Ground Center we’ve been thinking a lot about stuff these days. I recently downsized from a two-story house in New Jersey to an apartment in New York City. Connor and Neily came on board as office staffers – creating major shuffling of stuff and space in the office.

When I first met Joan Plisko and she told me what she does for a living I was so interested and finally got to sit down and talk with her for a newsletter article last year.

Our staffers are quite a unique crowd and we are constantly amazed at all of the extracurriculars they partake in off-season. One of the biggest common denominators for almost all of us at Common Ground is that we sure do love our dogs!

This was a summer of firsts. First summer with the Eco-Lodge, first real, live Canadian on staff, first Quidditch match, first pink monster in center field…first center field! Yes, as usual the place was in a state of flux and no one adjusted to that more than our group of tweens.

By Kiesha Desautels Richardson

Neily Jennings, Common Ground Center's new communications coordinator, has just completed our Fall 2011 Community Newsletter. As we write, it's in the mail on its way to all of you. Can't wait to get your hands on a copy?

Common Ground is not only expanding to being a year-round facility, but it is exploding into the wizarding world as well. Yes, there really is a Hogwarts and the Boy Who Lived is alive! Somehow Connor Timmons, our new Program Coordinator, has access to the rules and games of that world. Is he a really a Muggle or maybe just a Squib?

August in Vermont is truly a magical time. The sounds of summer are at their height; berries, veggies, and more are coming to fruition faster than you can eat them; the days can be hot, but the creek and the pond are running cool and clear.

Once again, we have a fabulous week of programming lined up for those of you attending Camp Common Ground Week 3 (August 6 – 12, 2011). Have you ever been at a loss when it comes to Big Show performances?