Peg has written the Final Chapter to her Eco-Lodge Progress Page. What an amazing journey it was and thanks to Peg for documenting it so well! The Lodge is now complete and we can't wait for Camp Common Ground campers to see it this summer.

Week 2, July 30 – August 5th, 2011…

Welcome to Camp Common Ground Week 2! Once again, we have a great week lined up for you with lots of activities for grownups and kids.

OK, future campers, community members, and readers....We are seriously gearing up for Camp Common Ground. Our first session starts in less than five weeks from today and we can't wait for y'all to arrive. The weather has finally started to warm up around here (in fact, we had a heat wave like the rest of you!), the hammocks are hung, the rockers are out on the porch, the pond is cool and clear, and the peepers are calling your names.

OK, so this blog post title may sound like we're tooting our own horn a little too much, but it's actually taken verbatim from a recent article published in the Park Slope Coop newsletter, which has over 10,000 readers!

Martha Siegel will be joining us at Camp Common Ground (CCG) this summer for two weeks, as she has done every year (but one) since our inaugural year in 1994. In fact, she’s a CCG founder! She teaches violin and cello to all ages, engaging kids and adults from age 3 to 93.

For those of you who’ve been to Camp, you know that what happens in Vermont definitely doesn’t stay in Vermont. We bring back our experiences, our restful states of mind, and our newly made connections back with us to our own communities and the real world. That’s something that I really love about camp. It’s not just a vacation, but also a lifestyle.

Couldn't make it to the Grand Opening? Well, here's your chance to check out all of the great things that David Blittersdorf, Bill McKibben, Russell Mendell, Peg Kamens, and Jim Mendell shared with us on that beautiful day. Enjoy!

We may have already had the Grand Opening for our new Eco-Lodge, but Peg still has more to say about it's construction! This article details the process behind the beautiful wood that makes up most of the building.

Thanks to all who participated and attended our Eco-Lodge Grand Opening this past Saturday! It was a glorious day filled with fun connections, delicious food, learning, dancing, and more. Bill McKibben's words, along with Jim & Peg's, were truly inspiring and made us reflect a little more on the importance of green building and including sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Below are some photos from the day and keep your eyes peeled for a longer update on the Grand Opening in our blog and newsletter.

A conscious and responsible connection to the land and our food has always been a value appreciated at CGC. We gifted 560 acres of land to the Vermont Land Trust so that it will never be developed and although we don’t have our own farm on site, we try to buy locally whenever possible.