Women's Weekend

Laughs, Nature, Relaxation, and Rummikub

May 19-21, 2017

2017 Registration

Three friends overlook the valley from atop the Hogback Mountains

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Founded in 2008, Women's Weekend is a perfect time to pause for reflection and connect with other women. Our 2016 program featured blacksmith lessons with Steve Bronstein of Blackthorne Forge; participants were delighted to create their own iron hooks, mezzaluna knives, and heart pendants! Stay tuned for details on our 2017 activities.

As always, we can chat, drink coffee, hang out, rock on the porch, play board games, knit and do whatever else our hearts desire. We'll also be making and indulging in simple yet elegant chocolate recipes and learning about the ins and outs of brewing tea! Plus, take advantage of all that our facility has to offer, including yoga, tennis, swimming, campfires, hiking, star gazing, and more. Feel free to bring a craft project, a good book, a favorite board game, or just yourself!

One of the things that makes Women's Weekend a uniquely rich experience is that we attract participation from a wide variety of women of different generations, backgrounds, spiritualities, and abilities. We'll be facilitating optional discussions that provide opportunities to share our experiences, swap advice, and be ourselves in a non-judgmental environment. We have lots of flexibility, feel free to offer suggestions or bring activities with you!

All activities are completely optional -- no pressure if you prefer to just relax! So come join us! It's a lovely way to celebrate springtime and a particularly relaxed way to enjoy Common Ground Center.

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Fees include lodging and delicious wholesome meals, snacks, coffee, and tea, plus activities for the weekend.

Tenting/Tent platform: $250

Private Cabin: $275

Shared Eco-Lodge Room*: $325

Commuter Rate: $150

Registration Fee: $25 

Bring a friend and you each receive $25 off!

*We will place guests with preferred roommates and put as few guests in each shared room as possible, depending on how many people register for lodge rooms.

Note: Alcohol is permitted (bring your own), but we create a space that respects participants' choice to drink or not.

A woman smiles while sitting in a rocking chair in the sunshine.

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2016 Schedule (stay tuned for 2017 details)

All activities are completely optional. The flow of the day is flexible based on the groups interests.

Friday, May 20

2 pm: Arrival, Check-in, Unpack

3 pm: Site tour & Visit Footprint Farm

4:30 pm: Introductions

6 pm: Dinner

7 pm: Intro to Blacksmithing

7:30 pm: Evening options:

--Chocolate Truffle Making


--Board games

Saturday, May 21

7:15 am: Morning Movement/Stretch (to be determined by the group)

8 am: Breakfast

9 am: Morning options:

-- Blacksmith Group #1

-- Hike to the Viewpoint (moderate to strenuous)

-- Tennis -- Hang out (board games, crafting, napping, reading, etc.)

Noon: Lunch

2 pm: Afternoon options:

-- Blacksmith Group #2

-- Swim in the pond or creek

-- Take a bubble bath

5 pm: Finish blacksmith projects; labyrinth walk; free time

6 pm: Dinner and facilitated conversation

7:30 pm: Evening options:

-- Chocolate fondue

-- Board games / Parlor Games

-- Stargazing

-- Drawing, knitting, etc

Sunday, May 22

7:15 am: Morning Movement/Stretch (to be determined by the group)

8 am: Breakfast

9 am: Morning options:

-- Swim

-- hike

-- relax

-- finish art projects

-- photo shoot

10 am: Closing circle

11:30 am: Hugs and Goodbyes

Afternoon: Optional use of site for a swim, hike, etc.

Please call our office at 1-800-453-2592 or 1-800-430-2667 (toll-free) for more information! 

A woman hits a tennis ball on an outdoor court with grass and trees in the background.

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