Camp Common Ground Rates & Registration

Registration fee

Per family: $50

Basic Fees

Adults: $860-1,450

Teens: $860-1,450

Kids (3-12): $630-1050

Seniors: $760-1,450

Toddlers: $210-240

Babies: $50

Camp fees are offered on a sliding scale; please pay what you feel you can afford within the range we’ve set up. The upper range allows families to pay it forward so others are able to attend camp. The bottom of the scale is a subsidized rate, and additional financial aid is available (see “camperships” below). Families are welcome to set up a monthly, interest-free payment plan. Due to the current exchange rate we offer a 20% discount for Canadian families.

Basic fees cover meals, programs, and materials. While you are welcome to purchase items in the camp store, you will find very little need to reach for your wallet during your week at family camp. 

In addition to the fees above there is also a non-refundable $50 registration fee per family, plus lodging (below). There is no additional fee for tent camping. 

Girl in sleeping bag

Lodging Fees


We have a variety of cabin sizes and configurations from small 2-person cabins to 6-person varieties. Some cabins are duplexes and others are stand-alone units. Cabin lodging fees are $50/person/week.



Our state-of-the-art Eco-Lodge boasts eight rooms, each one with unique touches; all have electricity and most have bathrooms. All of the rates below are the cost of renting a room in the lodge for the week of Camp Common Ground. Please note, those who wish to stay in the lodge are required to pay the top of the payment scale, unless they have a special need (a documented medical need for electricity, or someone over 70 years old or under 1 year old in your family).

4 person without bath: $275

2 person w/ bath: $300

4 person w/ bath: $500

5 person w/ bath: $550

For lodging photos, maps, and details, explore our Lodging and Grounds.


We offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships to both campers and staff families. In order to be considered for financial aid, complete the financial aid application in the registration process. The demand for aid often exceeds our resources, so we encourage you to apply early.



Credits toward a future Common Ground Center program are available if you need to cancel. Credits are non-transferable (outside of your immediate family) and are valid for all Common Ground Center programs for up to one year.