Full days are fueled by full bellies.

There are a host of food options for you at Common Ground Center. All of our camps include food service, and rental groups can opt for our staff to manage food service completely or you can bring your own outside caterer.

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the fabulous variety and food from around the world! Grateful also for picky eaters table.”

Food at Camp Common Ground

All of that hiking, creating, and laughing sure makes campers hungry. At Camp Common Ground, our professional kitchen staff prepares inspired vegetarian meals and freshly baked delicacies for your family using local and organic ingredients. With a mix of culinary classics and adventurous flavors made from scratch, even the meat-eaters and picky eaters will love the food, too!

Meals begin with dinner on the day of arrival and end with breakfast on departure day. At lunch and dinner, your family will enjoy an extensive buffet of options as well as a full salad bar. Summertime in Vermont offers a plethora of fresh, locally grown, and often organic, food – some of it grown right down the road from camp! We strive to support local farmers by offering locally grown and organic food whenever possible.

Pizza is baked in the camper-built brick oven right on site. Healthy snacks are always available in the dining hall and there is also a morning snack for children in Kidville. 

Allergies & special diets

Each meal served at camp includes plenty of options that meet a wide variety of dietary needs and appetites. All meals will have vegan and wheat free /gluten free options and be as kid friendly as possible.

The food was spectacular. My mother is a carnivore and didn’t miss meat at all. My daughter and I are vegans, and we ate wonderful, nutritionally balanced food three times a day.”

Personal food & snacks

Any extra food or specialty items that your family may need can be stored and prepared in the farmhouse kitchen or Eco-Lodge kitchenette. Space is limited; to make it easier on yourselves, please feel free to inquire about items we may be providing, like rice or soy milks, dry cereals or wheat-free/gluten-free products. Coffee makers and grills are also available for camper use.

The food was INCREDIBLE, it was my favorite part of camp. Being cooked for, with new and delicious food every meal, and not having to clean dishes was the best thing ever.”