Your family’s new favorite place.

Amazing things happen at Camp Kaleidoscope every summer. This special place brings families together to enjoy each other away from everyday demands and allows everyone to spend time pursuing a hobby or new skill, making new friends, or just resting solo. Each day can unfold as it needs to, with plenty of options and support to help you make the best of your time here.

Programs & Activities


Art projects, salamander-seeking walks, playing with ooblek, group games, quiet play…mornings at Camp Kaleidoscope are full opportunities for wonder and giggles. Kidville’s educators will lead universally accessible programs for kids on the spectrum and siblings aged 3 to 11. Activities will be tailored to groups of children with similar ages and interests, and campers will be able to self-select what sounds best to them!

If you have someone under 3 years old in your family, we will look forward to meeting them! Although we do not have staff to provide care for these little campers, we want to talk about the best way to support your family’s rejuvenation time at Common Ground Center. There will be no program for children over age 11 at Camp Kaleidoscope.

Camp Kaleidoscope Activities kids


With the kids off doing their own thing in the morning, adults can dedicate time to exploring their own interests, meeting new people, or unwinding on their own terms. Autism specific resources are paired with activities geared to give you a break.

Adult programming revolves around five pillars: nature, art, music, movement, and wellness. Each of these features is present and available for participants to choose from throughout Camp K. This means that you can join other adults for a morning hike, take an art class, or spend some time lying in a hammock (that’s always on the schedule).

Camp Kaleidoscope Activities AdultsAdults


The afternoons and evenings are family time, and we work hard to provide programs that appeal to all ages. Organized activities and choose-your-own adventures fill the afternoon and evening, and usually include:

  • Slip ’n’ slide
  • Arts & crafts
  • Swimming
  • Talent show
  • Campfire
  • Dance party
  • Group games
  • After-lunch movie time

A typical day at Camp Kaleidoscope




Morning Programs for Kids

Kids ages 3-11 report to Kidville. Young campers can select a variety of activities including music, gross motor, arts, and science. There will also be quiet spaces for coloring, reading, and taking a break. A mid-morning snack will be served.


Morning Adult Programs

Throughout the morning a variety of activities will be offered for parents.




Quiet & Rest Hour


Multi-age Activities

Throughout the afternoon a variety of activities will be offered for whole families.




Multi-age Evening Activities

These can include a campfire, singing, story time, movies, puzzles, games, and more.


All camp quiet time

Some families may choose to stay up and read or play quiet games.


Lights out in the main buildings

Camp Kaleidoscope Activities Typical Day

It was the highlight of our summer. My son only wishes we could be there ‘so I can just be me.’ The family camp has inspired him to ‘go to MIT and invent something so I can make a place like that here in Billerica.”

– Marie, Massachusetts